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Wildside Nature Photography Adventures-The Tiger Safari-Best Jungle Safari Package

Wildside Nature Photography Adventures

Nature photography is 98% patience… 1% luck… and 1% skill. However, you need to be in the right spot at the right time when everything comes together, with the skills to capture the moment as it unfolds. Wildside Photo Adventures will get you there and show you how!

Wildside offers fun and inspirational wildlife adventures, for all skill levels, in North America and, well, every other continent, too! Our passionate and energetic leaders are experienced photographers, naturalists and teachers. They will help you learn your equipment and understand your subject. They will help you to be ready, to be quick and to get the shot of a lifetime… all with minimal impact on the environment.

During our photo adventures, our goal is to provide opportunity and knowledge to empower you to imagine and create great images.  At the end of our time together, you will enjoy a sense of accomplishment and a desire to let a new journey begin!

Tiger Safari-Best Tiger safari companies-Stay in Jungle-Safari Package In India-wildlife safari deals-Bird Watching-Best Jungle Tour Package-TheTigerSafariWho Should Join a Workshop and Why?
All levels of photographers will gain more knowledge, skills and creativity during a workshop. Sharing a passion with like-minded peers can offer a very rewarding experience. Seeing how others perceive a landscape or capture a bird in flight will help get the creative juices flowing. Our instructors help inspire and guide you through the creative process.

Photography Clubs and other Small Groups
Photo clubs and groups of friends or family can arrange custom photo tours and workshops to many of our amazing destinations.

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