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One to One Photography Classes-The Tiger Safari

One to One Photography Classes

The beauty of photographing wildlife is that it is always changing and evolving, encountering the unexpected. In this environment, the photographer must learn to work with these changing environmental conditions and behaviours, and the result cannot always be predicted. For me, this only adds to the excitement of this type of photography. I use photography to document wild animals living in their natural habitat and place a frame around what I see to show others of the beauty we have all around us.

The aim of my One to Ones is to show the individual the simple techniques I use which have improved my own photography and pass them on to you. I will show you how to approach your subject using my proven fieldcraft skills without causing any distress to the animal, in turn letting them relax around you and presenting you with the best opportunities to photograph their beauty, expressions and behaviour.

I will also show you some simple and easy-to-remember ‘tracking’ skills mastered from my military background to help you read the signs of wildlife all around you, so you can start to build a picture of what is happening around you and use these skills in the future. Where fieldcraft is the most important skill to learn which in turn will help you capture those moments from nature at the same time letting you see and learn about how the subject conducts their lives within the wild.

As a package, it is designed to help you improve in all aspects of being a wildlife photographer. These one-to-ones are designed for all skill levels and can be tailored to the individual needs of the wildlife photographer.

I will show you how to use natural light to add impact to an image, side lighting, and backlighting which all add great drama to a photograph. I will go through the best settings, strong composition, and depth of field, giving you a usable workflow that will work for you in the field.  I will teach you how to watch and listen to nature as she will give up her secrets to you as you observe your chosen subject or explore what wildlife is around you.

The camera settings I will show you are the very same I use where I will give examples and clearly show this with my own camera.  I will demonstrate the techniques I have employed to capture the many wonderful moments I have been lucky enough to witness in nature.

These one-to-one days are designed to help you to employ some if not all of the things you will have learned, in turn, this will improve your own photography.  Whether you are just starting out, like I once did, or a Professional, I believe we never stop learning and it is my aim and promises to you to improve your photography while learning how to listen and watch for the telltale signs mother nature will show you, and this will help you to understand your subject a lot more, which is just as important as the camera skills I will teach you.

Learning to become part of the landscape through fieldcraft is a skill I have mastered over many years and I will show you and teach you these key skills that I use that will allow you that personal and private view into a wild animal’s life. Click here to see a recent Fieldcraft article I published. These skills I will show and teach you in your one-to-one.

I will be running my One Ones throughout the year and they are timed to coincide with the changing seasons and nature’s own calendar to get the very best opportunities to photograph nature at a time of your choice.

I can visit the location of your choice but this will incure travel costs, but I recommend the following places which I all know very well throughout the year to catch UK wildlife as the seasons come to life.


  • Spring Waders and Wildfowl: Norfolk
  • Brown Hares: Norfolk
  • Red Grouse, Golden Plover & Curlew: Peak District, Derbyshire/Yorkshire Moors
  • Barn Owl & Marsh Harrier, Raptors: Norfolk
  • Puffins, Razorbills & Seabirds: Farne Islands, Northumberland
  • Puffins & Seabirds: Skomer, Wales
  • Gannets: Bass Rock, North Berwick
  • Gannets & Seabirds: Bempton Cliffs, East Yorkshire
  • Dippers: Peak District, Derbyshire
  • Choughs & Seabirds, Terns: South Stack, Isle of Anglesey
  • Marsh Harrier, Raptors, Warblers & Cuckoos: Cambridgeshire
  • Pied Flycatchers & Redstarts: Derbyshire
  • Watervoles: Peak District, Derbyshire
  • Short-Eared Owl & Raptors: Peak District, Derbyshire
  • Nightjars & Owls – Norfolk
  • Red Squirrels – North-West, England
  • Macro Photography Day – Peak District, Derbyshire


  • Whooper Swans: North-West Coast, England
  • High Tide/ Spring Tide Days (Thousands of Waders, Geese): Norfolk
  • Grey & Common Seals: Lincolnshire, Or Norfolk
  • Red & Fallow Deer Rutting: Leicestershire, Cheshire
  • Mountain Hares: Peak District, Derbyshire
  • Barnacle Geese & Waders: Caerlaverock, Scotland
  • Short-Eared Owls & Raptors: North West Coast, England, North Lincolnshire
  • Barn Owls: Norfolk
  • Red Grouse In Winter Landscape: Derbyshire
  • Red Kites, Raptors – Birds In Flight Technics/Settings: Gigrin, Mid Wales
  • Watervoles: Peak District, Derbyshire
  • Dippers: Peak District, Derbyshire
  • Short-eared Owls / Red Squirrels – North-West, England
  • Short-eared Owls & Barn Owl – Leicestershire
  • Barn Owl & Short-eared Owls – North-West, England
  • Macro Photography Day – Peak District, Derbyshire

It will be a wonderful chance to learn a lot more about Wildlife Photography and reconnect with the environment and wildlife around us, and with my passion for nature and easy approach, you are sure to get the very best out of the day.

I will endeavour to bring the very best out of you from whatever level you are at, by showing you everything I know and using myself. I look forward to seeing you.

These One-to-Ones can be brought as a gift for a Birthday, Christmas and any other occasion, so if you know someone who would love to spend a day learning everything I know about wildlife photography I promise to make it a great experience and present for them.

I meet the client close to the chosen venue they have selected for their one-to-one from my extensive list of places above just before first light. I send through upon booking all the information, timings etc to help you in this. I then pick you up just before dawn and take you to the site as we get into the place just before the first light. After your day I then drop you off at the destination I picked you up from at dusk. Once home I then send you some simply to remember notes I have put together just underlining what you learned throughout your time with me on your day.

This will further help you in your future wildlife photography once your day is finished, by going through the key settings and points I went through on the day. If you ever have a problem once you home just either email me or call me.

I believe in supporting future wildlife photographers and my one-to-ones in turn are open to the young aspiring photographer accompanied as always by an adult/parent who can attend free of charge.


Recommended Kit

You will need to provide your own photographic equipment, a 500mm lens is ideal but a 300mm with or without converters should meet your needs A tripod is also essential. For landscapes, a wide-angle lens would be perfect giving you a chance to capture some beautiful landscape images throughout the day also.

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