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Tadoba Tiger Reserve

A long lost land of tribal Tadoba emerged as one of the major tiger tourism destination in Central India. Hitherto unknown the tiger land is now one of the most popular tourist destinations in the State of Maharashtra. Tigers enliven tourists here like at no other place and the wildlife enchants the nature lovers who arrive here in large number every year.

Tadoba is a dry deciduous forest thanks to the warm climate and is host to amazing diversity. Apart from big cats the wildlife photographers seek the sloth bear, wild dog and gaur to capture in their cameras. Reptiles are illusive but nevertheless pythons, turtles and marsh crocodiles can be seen with ease. Common animals of the park are the Nilgai, chital, wild boar, sambar, barking deer and langur monkeys.

Four horned antelope, hyena, jungle cat and small Indian civet are frequently encountered. On day safaris the animals are seen very often and albeit the tiger is most sought after others enchant nevertheless. The game rounds here are never boring rather full of events that create long lasting memories and beautiful images.

Avian abound and would never disappoint a bird watcher what with more than two hundred enchanting species. The best time for birding is in winters whence the migrants arrive but summers can yield a number of residents. Butterflies create a colorful tapestry as they flutter around the flowering bushes and can be an extreme source of delight.

The reserve also a National Park is rich in floral wealth and species like teak, saj, beheda, Indian ghost tree, tendu, tinsa, bhilma, dhawada, palas, salai are the few among hundreds. The park terrain comprises of mix deciduous forests, bamboo and grasslands that support numerous herbivores which are the producers in the food chain.

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Core: 625
Buffer: 577.96

Winter: 6.7 deg C
Summers: 47deg C

Essentials: Chandrapur & Nagpur

How to Reach?
Chandrapur at 45 km is the nearest railhead. While Nagpur is at a distance of 140 km and contains an airport and a railhead. Numerous road routes are available to reach Tadoba and its tourism zones.

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