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Sariska Tiger Reserve

The tigers are back a Sariska a tiger reserve situated in the Indian State of Rajasthan. A few years back the big cats were poached to extinction. Relocation from Ranthabhore was successful, and they can be seen frequently at enchanting Sariska a National Park and tiger reserve. Around fourteen tigers make Sariska there home now.

The reserve is a window to an era whence the big cats dominated varied landscapes of India and survived in huge numbers. The vast expanse of land though devoid of dense green canopy is equally charismatic and alluring.

The Aravali Range encompasses the destination with hills and narrow valleys dominating the dry landscape. The reserve comprises of dry deciduous forests creating a typical desert ecosystem with Dhok trees dominating along with scrub. Other species are ber, bamboo (restricted), Arjun, mango, salar, khair, cheela and bahera.

Two prominent lakes Siliserh and Jai Samand dominate the landscape and are crucial water source for the denizens.

Wild fauna is dominated by carnivores like tiger, hyena, caracal, jungle cat, dhole, leopard and the jackal. Among the herbivores the presence of Nilgai and chinkara, sambar, chital and four horned antelope offers enchanting sights. The crocodiles and water snakes abound in the lakes. Wild boars and langur, rhesus macaque along with peacock abound and delight the visitors by their charisma.

A large number of avian species have been recorded at Sariska including the open country birds like the sandgrouse, quails, owls, partridges and eagles. Over two hundred and twenty five species have been check listed in this National Park.

History dominates this erstwhile hunting reserve of Maharajah of Alwar. The landscape is dominated by a 17thclassic fort and number of temples dating back to 11th century AD. The ancient ruins definitely add to the tiger safari experience.

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Area: 866

Winter: 9 deg C
Summer: 42 deg C

Essentials: Jaipur City Capital Rajasthan State

How to Reach?
Nearest airport 110 km is at Jaipur while New Delhi is at a distance of 202 km by road. Jaipur and New Delhi are connected by rail and flights.