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Sanjay Dubri National Park

Located in remote confines of Madhya Pradesh bordering Chhattisgarh Sanjay Dubri National Park is home to the big cats and much more. Situated in Sidhi District in Majhauli and Kusmi blocks it is gaining popularity within the tourist circuit in India.

The moist dry deciduous park is contiguous with Guru Ghasidas National Park in the State of Chhattisgarh. A typical Central Indian wildlife paradise the destination is home to tigers, leopards, sloth bear, wild dogs, chinkara, hyena, Nilgai, barking deer, sambar and many other life forms that constitute an incredible diverse profile of flora and fauna.

The Sal dominated forests also contain mixed forests, grasslands and bamboo. Other floral species that constitute the canopy are the saaj, mahua, dhawa, bija, tendu, tinsa, sisham, khair, salai and char to name a few.

The terrain is rugged undulating and comprises of table top mountains interspersed with deep valleys and fed by rivulets which are the lifeline of this ecosystem. Two perennial streams that flow within the confines are Umaria and Kodmar. Banas River and Bijaur Nala are other important source of water besides a network pools and small stream many of which dry out in the hot summers.

It is said the first and only white tiger ever found in the wild was from this region. The white tiger cub was reared by the Maharajah of Rewa at his Govindgarh Palace Zoo. Now notified as protected area the park forms a corridor with Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve and Palamau Tiger Reserve the latter is in Orissa.

Albeit the status of tigers is endangered here the sighting does place on a safari. Leopard and sloth bear are best sighted in this National Park which is also a tiger reserve under the aegis of Project Tiger in India.

Relatively unexplored the protected area is slowly entering the tourism mainstream in Central India. The proximity to Bandhavgarh makes it a much visited safari destination on extensive itinerary. Bird watching potential at Sanjay Dubri National Park is second to none.

Enquire about this Safari

Core: Area 812.581 km sq
Buffer: Area 861.93 km sq
Winter Temp: 0 Deg C to 14 deg C
Summer: Peak 42 deg C

Tourism Infrastructure is in process of development. Visitor numbers are scarce.

Essentials: All should be carried along purchased from major town.

How To Reach?
Varanasi Aiport in Uttar Pradesh is at a distance of 275 km while Jabalpur Airport in MP is at a distance of 340 km.

Sidhi Town is at a distance of 70 km. While Rewa railhead is at a distance of 130 km.

Best approach is from Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve which is a two hours drive. Hence tourists should visit both these parks on route.

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