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Pench National Park & Tiger Reserve

Once a contiguous part of famous Satpura Range, Seoni Hills are now called Pench National Park. It is situated in Central India or the State of Madhya Pradesh. Part of it lies in the Indian State of Maharashtra.

Pench is also a tiger reserve as it is a part of Project Tiger a conservation initiative of Government of India. Kipling the Nobel laureate and an amazing story teller wrote about Seoni Hills vigorously in his “Jungle Book”. His depiction of animals and the wolf child was a work of creative genius, which he was.

The animals are still there Sher Khan, Baloo the bear, Ka python, Bagheera the black panther, Akela the wolf and the bunderlog the monkey tribe. Mowgli is no more but his antics live in our thoughts and the caricatures. Thousands of Mowglis now live in the periphery of the park called the buffer zone in enchanting settlements. The wild animals have a place of their own in the core zone which is more than seven hundred square kilometers.

Kipling’s Jungle Book comes to life on a wildlife safari in the park.

The reserve is a dry deciduous mix type of forest with amazing floral diversity. It does not lag behind in diverse fauna and more than twenty two Central Indian mammals inhabit the ecosystem. A similar number of reptilian species inhabit the park besides two hundred avian species and millions of insects.

The enchanting landscape adds to your exuberance whence you chance upon a tiger or other mega fauna. The birds flutter around you and accord a chance to admire the mélange of striking colors they are endowed with. A bird watcher would be interested in check listing them with help our naturalist guide.

River Pench is the lifeline of the National Park and nurtures incredible life forms that constitute this ecosystem in the Satpura Range of Central India.

An action packed safari would be a tiger on the hunt, sloth bear giving a piggy back ride to her cubs, wild dog chase or a raptor picking up its prey.

Yes that is what thetigersafari company excels in organizing at Pench. An exciting Tiger Safari!

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Core Area: 411. 3km
Buffer: 768.3
Wingers: Cold 0 deg C
Summers: Hot 45 deg C

Best Season: October to June. Park is closed during the months of monsoon July to September. Carry warm clothing in winters and light khaki all over.

Tourism: Infrastructure well developed. Banking services weak. Carry cash.
Shopping: Carry essentials supplies limited or not at all.
Safaris: Permits booked in advance. Timing morning and evening. Carry binocs, bird books etc.

How to Reach?
Pench is 200 km from Jabalpur Airport in MP and Eighty km from Nagpur Airport in Maharashtra. Jabalpur & Nagpur contain luxury bus services and rail connectivity. Taxis can be hired locally or through TheTigerSafari company.