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Nagarhole National Park

Nagarhole National Park: Blue Mountain Kingdom.
Part of Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve Nagarhole lies adjacent to Bandipur Tiger Reserve separated by the Kabini Reservoir. The Western Ghat sub cluster encompasses 6000 of tropical forests including Nagarhole. It was a hunting reserve of the erstwhile Maharajahs of Mysore State the Wodeyar Dynasty.

The Kabini Reservoir Taraka Dam, Nagar hole, Sarati Hole, Balle Halla are some of the perennial source of water a cluster of lifelines that accords sustenance to wildlife and immense diversity. Some of the finest biomes survive in the Nilgiri Hills of Western Ghats.

The floral diversity comprises of tropical deciduous forests dry and moist while there are patches of sub montane valley swamp forests. The hardwood comprises of teak, saj, rosewood, sandal wood, kadam, silk cotton tree, silver oak and some species of ficus fruiting trees.

The mammalian species on record are tiger, leopard, occasional black panther, sloth bear, gaur, wild elephant, bonnet macaque, slender loris, four horned antelope, chevrotain, barking deer, sambar, chital, langur, wild boar, dhole and striped hyena. Crocodile and smooth coated otters are found in the Kabini River. Among smaller beings are the striped neck mongoose, brown mongoose, pangolin, porcupine, leopard cat, flying and giant squirrels besides the reptiles and butterflies.

The bird life is striking and colorful with presence of endemic species like the Nilgiri wood pigeon, Malabar hornbill, blue winged parakeet, white cheeked barbet, Malabar trogon, Malabar whistling thrush and white bellied treepie. Nagarhole is recognized as important bird area by Birdlife International and more than two hundred and seventy avian species have been recorded here.

The confine of Kabini is the best place in India to see the black panther. The frequency of sightings have increased recently encouraging wildlife photographers and enthusiasts to make a beeline for Nagarhole Tiger Reserve.

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Area: 643
Winters: 12 Deg C
Summers: 32 Deg C

Essentials: Mysore City

How to Reach?
Mysore is at a distance of 90 km well connected with Bangalore airport at a distance of 144 km. Both the destinations are well connected by rail and road. Road transport bus and private taxis are available.