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Kali Tiger Reserve

Earlier called as Dandeli Anshi this tiger reserve was renamed after the River Kali. The reserve in the Indian State of Karnataka is an amalgamation of Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary and Anshi National Park the latest renaming is for the River Kali to highlight the river and hence come under recognition. The move was prompted by the movie on river and unanimous agreement among many.

The forests stretch long into the State of Goa and Maharashtra and this contiguous patch encompasses and area of 2200 The forests are located in high rainfall area of the Western Ghats and comprise of WG montane and moist deciduous forests which are endangered and in need of protection. Due to presence of laterite the water absorption is extreme and the water holes run dry during the summers.

The complex floral tapestry comprises of hardwood trees like teak, silver oak, Malabar tamrind, jamba , lantana, bamboo, shrubbery and dense vegetative undergrowth on the floor.

Kali Tiger Reserve is a biodiversity hub with a unique animal the black panther at the middle. Though quite elusive a large number of tourists arrive here to see the melanistic beast. There is a long list of mammals that live in this ecosystem with complex niche habitat. Prominent species are the Asiatic elephant, tiger, leopard, gaur, chevrotain, spotted deer, barking deer, sloth bear, dhole, jungle and leopard cat, Malabar civet and giant civet to name some.

Kali Tiger Reserve is an excellent birding destination as well with the targeted species being Ceylon frogmouth, blue headed pitta, broad billed roller, black crested bulbul, ashy swallow, fairy blue bird and Malabar grey hornbill.

Among the reptiles one can come across the Indian cobra, spectacled and monocle cobra, king cobra, viper, krait, rat snake, python and saw scale viper. The reserve abounds in insects and the butterfly species are no less enchanting than the birds.

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Area: 1300

Winter: 6 deg C
Summer 33 deg C
Essentials: Dandeli Township

How to Reach?
Belgaum Airport is the nearest at distance of 90 km. Bangalore International Airport is at a distance of 480 km. Dandeli township on the periphery of the Kali Tiger Reserve is well connected by and road. Alnavar railhead is at a distance of 35 km from Dandeli and is connected to Bangalore.