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Bandipur Tiger Reserve & National Park

Located in the State with highest tiger population Bandipur is situated in Karnataka in Southern India. It is part of Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve the largest protected area in the country. It has an impressive population of wild elephant besides the tiger. It is situated at the confluence of Western Ghats and the Deccan plateau. The corridors of diversity contain many reserves and wildlife sanctuary which increase possibility of sustenance and tiger migration in an area that is marked at 5220

The wildlife heaven was the privilege of Maharaja of Mysore as a hunting reserve but is now completely protected as a tiger reserve. Proximity to Mysore makes it a popular tourist spot with high number of holiday makers arriving here annually.

Except the pachyderm the mammalian species is akin to Central India. Nevertheless elephants add to the list and big cats allure tourists from far and wide. The giant palm squirrel, mouse deer and the slender loris are creatures unique to this region.

The biodiversity like all our tiger reserves is impressive with picturesque landscape created by the looming Nilgiri Hills of Western Ghats. The destination is home to a wide variety of birds, butterflies and reptiles. Over two hundred species have been recorded at the National Park.

The park is an agglomeration of wide variety of biomes like the dry deciduous and moist deciduous forests and shrub lands. Two rivers Kaveri and Moyar inundate the forests of Bandipur and act as life support system. `

Mixed forest ones abound with the presence of teak and its associates and the giant clumping bamboo. Many fruiting trees and shrubs support primates, fruits eating avian and more.

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Part of Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve

Area: 874
Weather: Moderate
Winter: 11 deg C
Summer: Max35 deg C
Essentials: Mysore

How to Reach?
Mysore rail head is eighty kilometers away by road. Bengaluru airport is at a distance of 229 km via Mysore.

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